Catalogue Lejean et Bogedein


    For a company active in watchmaking, we are currently looking for a hand/lingerie/artistic nude female model for a photo shooting. The face of the model will be hidden or blurred.
  • Shooting with Leslie for Parisian stylists Lejean & Bogedein (photos online soon).

Contact us if you are looking for models or if you are or wish to be a model.

Modeling agencies in Paris, sorted by district. Modeling agencies that are members of the Syndicat National des Agences de Mannequins are displayed in bold.

Districts: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 16 - 17.


Modeling agencies in Paris 1st district

Bananas models
Men models only.
Models, comedians, celebrities, models over 50 years old. They also have a children section, Di To Di.
Digital Artists
Models, actors and celebrities.
Next Management
Women models and talents.
Viva Model Management Paris
Women models only.
Women Model Management
Women models only.


Modeling agencies in Paris 2nd district

Ford Models Europe
Women & men.
IMG Paris
Men & women models.
Major Paris
Men & women models.
Marilyn Agency
Men & women models.
The Face
Men & women models.


Modeling agencies in Paris 3rd district

Models & talents.
Nathalie Models
Men & women models.
New Madison Models
Men & women models.
Models, comedians, dancers, sportsmen, acrobats, talents.
Silver Model Agency
Men and women models over 40.
Sport Models
High level sportsmen and body and details models.
Success Models
Men, women and child models.
Women models and celebrities.


Modeling agencies in Paris 4th district

Enjoy Models Management
Men, women and child models. Not clear (as of March 2014) if their Paris agency is already open.
VIP models
Women, men, ethnicities, details, comedians and seniors.


Modeling agencies in Paris 6th district

Oui Management
Women models only.


Modeling agencies in Paris 8th district

Angels & Demons
Men & women models.
City Models
Men & women models.
Elite Paris
Women models only.
Eskimo Model Management Paris
Men & women models.
Children and teen models.
Idole Model Management
Men & women models.
Karin Models Paris
Celebrities and Men & women models.
Silent Models
Women models only.
Smith & Smith
Models and comedians.


Modeling agencies in Paris 9th district

Models, comedians, dancers, singers, sportsmen.
Crystal Model Management
Women models only.
Models and comedians.
Models and talents (comedians, dancers...) from 16 on.
Models and comedians. specific section for below 16: Coccinelle.
Slides Models
Women models only.


Modeling agencies in Paris 10th district

Nouvelle Ere
Models, comedians, dancers, musicians, sportsmen. Child/teen section.


Modeling agencies in Paris 11th district



Modeling agencies in Paris 16th district

Exclusive Management
Women models only.
Metropolitan Models
Women models, celebrities and talents.
M Management Models
Men & women models.


Modeling agencies in Paris 17th district

Children and junior models.
Children and junior models.
Hype Models
Men & women models. Part of the Hourra group.


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